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August 13, 2019
(Medicine Hat) After review of the City’s Land & Business Support department Annual Report, the Chamber commented on the many successes and challenges. The Chamber has worked with the City of Medicine Hat Land Development since 2014 working towards ensuring lot prices reflect market value and that regular consultation with stakeholders is held to discuss the annual reports, pricing strategies, land development strategies, along with discussing new opportunities and emerging issues.
In addition, the challenges outlined in the business support office report, reflect issues that the chamber has identified through engagement with our members and the business community, while also celebrating the success of the service provided to investors and developers. Through the City’s investment readiness services, they initiated a total of 20 investor opportunities in various stages of the investment pipeline, totaling a potential investment of nearly $2.2 billion and over 1100 jobs, which is positive for the local business community.
‘We are encouraged to see objectives pinpointed and status updates and solutions contained in the report that support the Business Support Office function of facilitating healthy and meaningful two-way communication between the City of Medicine Hat and the local business community’, commented Sarah MacKenzie, Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce President.
‘In order to be innovative and competitive, the businesses in our community need the support of government to provide an environment that can nurture innovation, facilitate growth and generate business opportunities within our region,’ further stated MacKenzie. ‘It is in everyone’s long-term economic interest to support business growth as it contributes to job creation and the generation of wealth that benefits everyone in the district’.
The systematic approaches to investment readiness listed in the report include establishing a single point of contact to assist businesses in navigating the system at the City, sharing information across departments through collaborative tools and processes, and assessing processes to make them simpler and more efficient. In addition communication from the City will be improved with the future release of a land profiles map, including a site selector attributes sheet, for external stakeholders, an investor entry/exit survey and investor promotional folios. The development of all of these tools support recommendations put forth in our policies on creating a strong and diverse local economy and municipal red tape reduction.
‘We are encouraged by this latest report released from the City’s Land & Business Support department. It makes our organization determined to be a partner in good faith with the City and to continue to contribute our recommendations in a dialogue with the purpose of eliminating unnecessary obstacles faced by business,’ added MacKenzie. ‘Our mission, as always, is to create a strengthened and vibrant economy through our connections, support and influence.’
Land & Business Support – 2018 Annual Report
Creating a Strong and Diverse Local Economy policy recommendations
Municipal Red Tape Reduction policy recommendations
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