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November 05, 2018
(Medicine Hat) – The Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, along with the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC) is pleased to announce the launch of Vote Prosperity, a platform and campaign outlining the Alberta business community’s priorities for the upcoming 2019 provincial election. Vote Prosperity provides a series of proactive recommendations that all of Alberta’s political parties should adopt to ensure growth for the province’s economy.
“Alberta businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide opportunities for all Albertans, and that’s why chambers across the province will take the message of Vote Prosperity to every candidate in every community,” said Ken Kobly, President and CEO, Alberta Chambers of Commerce. “The foundations of our prosperity are under duress, and every government decision needs to ensure it does not harm our economy. Alberta’s business community is prepared to be bold, and with Vote Prosperity we are seeking to motivate our political leaders to follow.”
“Vote Prosperity allows us to have better conversations and more informed decision making before heading to the polls in the 2019 Provincial election”, stated local Chamber of Commerce President, Sarah MacKenzie. “As a non-partisan organization, we felt that having a campaign that we could use to stimulate conversation with our candidates leading into the next election that would engage all parties and all citizens regardless of political viewpoint is a progressive stand for our organization and for Chambers across the province”.
In releasing the platform today, the ACC will strengthen the political narrative between now and the 2019 election. Vote Prosperity is based on four aspirational pillars for Alberta:
  1. Strengthen Business Competitiveness: Rising input costs from government regulation and policy changes are the most acute concern for Alberta’s business community.
  2. Growing Provincial Trade: Infrastructure focused on projects of high economic benefit and improve our capacity to export Alberta goods is critical to growing our economy.
  3. Building Healthy Communities: Preparing young people to succeed, equitable health care, and good infrastructure supports business growth and community vitality.
  4. Improving Government Accountability: Public policy and fiscal management must support a stable, trustworthy investment climate and sustainable services for Albertans. 
“Alberta businesses have made it clear that the ever-rising cost of doing business from all levels of government has hindered their ability to grow and compete,” says Ken Kobly. “Our objective is to achieve coherent, comprehensive pro-growth policies from all political parties. Our recommendations provide a prosperous path forward because when you vote for prosperity, Alberta wins.”
The platform provides seventeen unique recommendations that will help bolster Alberta’s long-term economic future, while also addressing the pressing issues limiting economic growth today. Some of the seventeen recommendations in Vote Prosperity include:
  • Reduce the cost burdens of regulation and legislative changes for business.
  • Consider any and all measures to hold provinces and the Government of Canada to the terms of the Canadian Free Trade and New West Partnership Trade Agreements.
  • Implement best-practice models which help K-12 students learn real world skills to prepare young Albertans for a rapidly changing world of work.
  • Conduct a comprehensive review of government programs and service levels and make the results public.
  • Reduce debt and firmly move to achieve balanced or surplus budgets by eliminating operational spending growth.
  • Ensure policy aimed at reducing GHG emissions minimizes risk to the economy and business competitiveness.
Over the coming months, ahead of the 2019 election, the ACC and Community Chamber network will be voicing the concerns and recommendations outlined in Vote Prosperity with political parties, MLA’s and local candidates. During the election, community chambers will be hosting candidate forums where Vote Prosperity will be the primary focus of discussion.
“We encourage people to engage in the conversation and become informed about the Vote Prosperity Platform online: You can also provide us your perspective through our survey at”, further commented MacKenzie. “This platform is the launch of a conversation about building a prosperous Alberta and we encouraging people to engage in the conversation with us, with local candidates, and on social media using the hashtag #VoteProsperity”.
Please direct all media inquiries to:
Sarah MacKenzie
2018-2019 President, Chamber of Commerce
(403) 527-5214 ext.221
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