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Canadian Chamber of Commerce launches National Cannabis Working Group to support sector’s global aspirations

(OTTAWA) – As the first G20 economy to legalize recreational cannabis for adult use, Canada must do more to take advantage of its first-mover status and realize the full economic potential of the country’s burgeoning industry.

To support these global ambitions, the Canadian Chamber of Commerce has established the National Cannabis Working Group to develop and advocate for public policies that will improve the growth and competitiveness of the Canadian cannabis sector, and help governments achieve their health and safety objectives.

The Working Group is co-chaired by Ryan Greer, Senior Director and Cannabis Policy Lead for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Nathan Mison, Vice President of Government and Stakeholder Relations for Fire & Flower Cannabis co, one of Canada’s leading adult use cannabis retailers.

“While Canada has a lucrative opportunity with our head start in the nascent global cannabis industry, we need a public policy environment that will help maximize the full economic potential of the sector.  Our National Cannabis Working Group includes companies from across cannabis value chains committed to developing and advocating for government policies that will balance safety and access with industry sustainability and competitiveness,” said Greer. 

“We are excited to build a cannabis sector working group that includes participation from licensed producers and retailers, but also creates room for crucial ancillary business that are underrepresented in the national cannabis conversation. Creating awareness about the opportunities that exist within the burgeoning cannabis sector both in Canada and globally is a message we are looking forward to sharing with Canadians,” said Mison.

“This initiative is welcome by our local Chamber, as we know southeast Alberta is an ideal location for cluster development within the cannabis industry and we also recognize that this industry will need regulatory support and well-coordinated advocacy to manage the complex environment it operates within”, stated local Chamber President, Sarah MacKenzie. 

The National Cannabis Working Group is comprised of some of Canada’s leading companies with a shared interest in developing and supporting a high standard and competitive cannabis industry.

The National Cannabis Working Group is open to members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, who is also working collaboratively with local Chambers to connect industry with this new opportunity.  In addition to cannabis cultivators, processors and retailers, the working group will include a range of ancillary sectors such as financial and legal services, construction, and transportation and logistics companies to tackle public policy issues from all sides of this new industry.

Please direct all media inquiries to:
Sarah MacKenzie, President
c/o Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce
(403) 527-5214 ext.221

The Chamber of Commerce is a member-driven, volunteer-led organization, proudly representing the interests of businesses in our region, and working diligently to stimulate a strengthened and vibrant economy through our connections, support and influence. For more than 115 years, the Chamber has stood for promoting business, monitoring government and championing managed growth in the local economy. The Chamber represents over 800 businesses in our region and is aligned with both the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC), which represents over 24,000 businesses and the Canadian Chambers of Commerce (CCC), which represents over 200,000 businesses. With the largest and most influential business organizations locally, provincially and federally, the Chamber network is the most unified, valued and influential business network in Canada and works together to shape policy and programs that will make a difference to businesses in our region.

Phil Taylor
Senior Director, Strategic Communications and Public Affairs 
613.238.4000 (2231)

The Canadian Chamber of Commerce is Canada’s largest and most representative business association, which speaks with one unified voice on behalf of nearly a quarter million businesses. The Chamber’s job is to help Canadian businesses of all sizes, sectors, and regions grow their business. We do this by helping them connect to each other, new opportunities, providing essential business services, and influencing government policy on their behalf. For more information visit or follow us @CdnChamberofCom.

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